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Superior sealing capabilities for critical service

Our customers rely on superior sealing capabilities for their critical service sealing needs.  From downhole pumps to subsurface safety valves, the OptiSeal® system is designed to provide high-performance, low-friction sealing for a broad range of applications in the energy industry.

The use of pressure-energized seal engineering design maximizes the performance of the OptiSeal® in extreme temperature, pressure, and media, making it an ideal choice for severe-service sealing.


The basic design of the OptiSeal® consists of a U-shaped jacket made from an inert thermoplastic which can be energized by silicone filling, a compressed V-shaped metal spring, or an O-shaped elastomer, allowing for adequate sealing across the entire pressure range.

The OptiSeal® system can be configured to customizable heights, diameter ranges, and materials as per your specifications. Leveraging our broad portfolio of materials and design expertise, we offer a robust sealing assembly fit for a multitude of media, addressing the most extreme conditions such as:

  • High-pressure ranges
  • Broad temperature requirements
  • Static and dynamic applications
  • Rough surface finishes

OptiSeal® Configurations:

  • Standard
  • OptiFace Seal
  • Flanged
  • Opti-Oilseal


A back-up auxiliary device is made from stronger material than used for the seal. Once placed within the OptiSeal® system, the back-up device prevents seal extrusion, allowing the seal to be used at higher pressures and temperatures while maximizing the seal life.


OptiPak® packing assemblies are specifically designed for conditions requiring redundant sealing surfaces. By utilizing the design benefits of OptiSeal® systems, a more robust product is developed for application in the extreme conditions found in:

  • High-pressure ranges
  • Large extrusion gaps
  • Dynamic conditions
  • Potential misalignment
  • Rough surface finishes