Performance engineered products and services

Your most demanding jobs are our proving ground.

High temperature. High pressure. Extremely corrosive. Hazardous. Conditions like these put tough demands on performance-critical equipment. As technological advancements enable operators and service providers to access remote reservoirs and explore complex well architecture, products and components must be capable of withstanding new challenges of unprecedented scale and complexity. Meeting and exceeding the demands is what we do best.

developing cutting edge materials

When exceptional challenges require custom formulated materials.

We see the value in top performing materials. Continuous investment in material development ensures implementation of the latest achievements and technical progress in material science. Our facilities are instrumental in developing specialized proprietary formulations. We are highly experienced in a broad scope of advanced materials – from elastomers to advanced fluoropolymers and thermoplastics. In high-performance composite components, our expertise ensures reliable bonding and performance.

quality and safety that you can depend on

We never compromise when it comes to quality or safety. It’s personal.

Quality matters. Safety matters. Without compromise. Our energy customers know this about us and rely on us to manufacture components with tight tolerances and deliver them faster than anyone else in the industry. They also partner with us to engineer custom seals and components to meet the most extreme challenges. Our compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 underscores our commitment to quality and our dedication to health, safety, and to the environment.