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Fibrex® Bearings

Low-friction surface with structural support and strength

Fibrex® is a bearing material which consists of a unique fabric weave of PTFE/ Glass fibers which is bonded to a stainless-steel backing with a durable adhesive. The extremely low friction surface provided by PTFE fibers combined with a structural support and a surface for bonding coming from the use of glass fibers. Stainless steel backing provides extreme load-bearing capabilities beyond the range of solid PTFE and any other solid lubricant bearing.

Fibrex® Bearings are a unique thin wall bearing design that offers the strength and stability of a stainless-steel body with the low coefficient of friction (.05-.1) and tribological properties of a reinforced PTFE matrix. With a max bearing load of 50,000 psi and the ability to withstand temperatures up to 350°F, our Fibrex® bearing is dimensionally stable, self-lubricating, non-conductive, and non-magnetic. Radial bearing and thrust washer designs are available. Applications include valves, commercial fire sprinkler systems, mixers, blenders, swivels, and extruders.

Consider Fibrex® when:

  • Corrosive substances are present
  • Contamination from lubricants is not tolerated
  • Replacement is critical and costly
  • High impact loads are encountered
  • Bearings will be subjected to very high loads at low speed
  • Lubricant films cannot be maintained in the bearing area
  • Custom sizes are needed
  • .027” – .090” Thickness
  • 8” max diameter
  • 8” max length