Customized Solutions for the Energy Industry

As a leading provider of seals for the Oil and Gas Industry, we have in-house knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive and personalized customer service.

Over the years we have partnered with our customers to select, manufacture, and source components that will ensure an optimal solution in even the most extreme environments. This has proven us to be an ideal partner for companies needing:

  • Reliable delivery
  • Single sourcing 
  • Kitting solutions
  • NORSOK qualified materials

We understand the challenges and requirements of working in the North Sea. That is why we have such a robust portfolio of NORSOK qualified materials: to provide customers with a broad range of material options. In addition, our traceability for each and every product is rest-assured.

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  • Metal and Elastomer Seal
    Kitting and Fulfillment Capabilities
  • NORSOK Qualified Materials
  • Metal seals
    Machining metal for subsea applications
Kitting elements


Our kitting services are specifically built around making your job easier. We will work with you to ensure the most reliable products are utilized to meet your needs. This ensures reliable product delivery and consistent product performance. In...

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We are highly experienced in a broad scope of advanced machining techniques in a variety of materials – from elastomers to advanced fluoropolymers and thermoplastics. 

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Analytical Testing

Testing Capabilities

Analytical testing performed by our laboratory includes: chemical composition, tribological, rheological, mechanical, and thermal. When required, we also design product test stands.

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