Critical Service Seals and Sealing Solutions

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When sourcing polymeric products, machined exotic metal alloys, or full service kitting and assembly, service companies rely on seals and sealing solutions designed to withstand the toughest challenges. The ability to maintain lubrication, exclude contaminants, or separate media are a few critical sealing functions that can result in catastrophic failure if sealing components are improperly designed for conditions, such as:

  • HP/HT
  • Differential pressures
  • Sour service (H2S)
  • Corrosive environments

Sealing Expertise and Technical Support

With a legacy of providing leading OEMs with high-performance oil and gas solutions, CDI is a recognized industry leader in the development of custom designed oil and gas sealing solutions across the world. Whether onshore or subsea, our design experts and materials specialist are capable of providing the optimal sealing solution for your toughest challenges.  Some of these products include:

Seal Design Criteria and Considerations

To avoid costly remedial actions, unscheduled maintenance and to ensure the safety of personnel and the environment, our team of engineering experts is available to work with you. We carefully evaluate a range of design factors before suggesting a possible sealing solution. 

Careful assessment of seal design parameters and operating factors such as pressure, temperature, velocity, chemical resistance, and extrusion gap requirements are all reviewed during evaluation. Preventative actions are taken in the initial design phase to reduce the chances of seal failure. Seal contact stress or the degradation of seal material due to improper material selection are common failure modes that are mitigated through this process.

Common Evaluating Factors and Conditions 

Seal applications

Service Life


  • Fluid Power
  • Pneumatic
  • Energy or shock absorption
  • Media separation
  • Pressure containment
  • Seal installation
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Aggressive media
  • Wet or dry environment
  • Continuous or cyclical loads
  • Dynamic or static stress
  • Wear resistance
  • Material properties
  • Resistance to creep and cold flow
  • Compression set
  • Resistance to aging and embrittlement
  • Resilience

Application Specific Seal Material Selection

To provide adequate sealability in critical service applications, our engineers and materials experts are a collaborative resource for material application expertise. The CDI team stays abreast of the very latest advancements in material science and has in-depth experience with hundreds of materials and exotic compounds. Our solutions are developed by leveraging a broad range of standard and proprietary compounds, custom blends, as well as certified materials - such as NORSOK approved materials. Some of our common sealing materials include:


Common Sealing Materials Used

  • NBR
  • HNBR
  • XNBR
  • PA (Nylon)
  • FKM (Viton®, Fluorel®)
  • FFKM
  • FEPM (Aflas®)
  • PFA
  • PVDF (Kynar®)
  • PEI (Ultem®)
  • PI (Vespel®)
  • PE, UHMW
  • POM (Acetal, Delrin®)
  • ETFE (Tefzel®)
  • ECTFE (Halar®)
  • Polypropylene
  • PPS (Ryton®, Fortron®)
  • CTFE 
  • M-PTFE
  • FVMQ (Fluorosilicone)
  • Filled PTFE
  • PF (Phenolic)
  • Fluoropolymers
  • Patented SinterMesh®
  • Engineered thermoplastics
  • Polyurethane
  • PTFE (Teflon®

Seals and Sealing Solutions Designed for High-Performance Environments

While a large number of options in standard seal sizes, geometries, and profiles have been developed, customized seals and sealing systems can be designed per your specifications. From our bonded seals (metal-to-rubber, composite, logging pads) to spring-energized sealing configurations and packing sets (OptiSeal® and OptiPak®), our proven design and engineering expertise, manufacturing processes, and custom developed materials offer our customers a range of custom designed solutions built for extreme service conditions.

Have a design in mind or need help designing the ideal sealing solution?

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