Bushings and Bearings

Custom Designed and Manufactured Bearings and Bushings

CDI designs and manufactures a wide variety of wear products for different industries. Using our material-design expertise and manufacturing capabilities, we work with our customers to solve their most challenging issues in wear products such as:

  • Abrasion
  • Impact
  • Temperature extremes
  • Aggressive media
  • Reliability

Our engineering team has expertise in wear-product applications and understands the challenges our customers face. We are constantly researching and developing new materials and processes designed to address customers’ requirements.

We manufacture wear products such as thrust washers, glide rings, wear rings, and bearings and bushings made from our patented XPC® and Fibrex® materials.

Case History:

Very Low Friction Valve

Reducing valve friction was the objective. To achieve the customer’s goal, CDI recommended an alternative stem seal, seat material, and our Fibrex® bearings and thrust washers. The friction reduction was so great that the customer was able to use a smaller actuator, saving them money and making the valve more competitive in the market.

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