Keeping Oil and Gas Production Flowing

Today’s oil and gas producers are challenged to meet the growing demand for energy in more difficult locations and conditions, and do so efficiently and economically. The equipment used to bring hydrocarbons to the surface, and their sealing elements, must also evolve and be engineered to withstand ever higher and lower pressures, higher and lower temperatures (HPHT), rapid gas decompression (RGD), and aggressive chemicals. Much of the same equipment is used in both onshore and offshore production; however, repairing failed tooling below the surface of a deepwater well in the middle of the North Sea is a much more costly proposition than on land that is easily accessed.

Engineered Components that Mitigate Risk and Ensure Health and Safety

Onshore or offshore, equipment failure can lead to issues of human or environmental safety, as well as lost revenue due to shut-downs. Sealing elements in oil and gas production wellheads, manifolds, pumps, valves, and other critical production equipment are essential to effective, uninterrupted production.

CDI’s experienced materials and application engineers work closely with oil and gas producers and service companies to develop custom HPHT, RGD resistant seals, connectors, and other components that have been tested to perform reliably and prevent downtime. With facilities worldwide and prototyping to manufacturing capabilities, CDI is regionally positioned to meet delivery requirements wherever you are operating in order to keep your production flowing.   

Advanced Polymeric Materials for Oil and Gas Production

With over 40 years of polymeric material development expertise,  CDI is able to design and manufacture products that serve in the most extreme environments.  

We have an extensive list of NORSOK M-710 approved materials for plastics that are chemical resistant and elastomers that withstand rapid gas decompression (RGD) and explosive decompression (ED).  A wide range of elastomers and thermoplastic compounds offers you more internationally approved materials in order to design components with the highest level of engineering expertise and materials science.

In-house material development, custom compounding, and testing are available for our broad range of PTFE blends, elastomers, and thermoplastics. On-site testing of FEA and mold flow analysis is performed so that problems are identified prior to costly tooling being constructed. We also provide simulation capabilities such as plastic flow, product design, and finite element analysis.

Engineered Solutions  for Oil and Gas Production Applications

To protect their assets, operators require advanced tools, and that includes their internal components. With development costs rising, reducing downtime is critical, and replacing parts becomes an expensive and sometimes catastrophic situation. CDI provides products that optimize your tool’s performance and ensure longer operating life. Our reliable, high-quality products provide solutions for a variety of systems including:

Production Equipment

  • Wellhead
  • Christmas tree
  • Blowout Preventers (BOP)            
  • Subsea
  • Artificial lift systems
  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Christmas tree

OptiSeal Spring Energized Seal CDI Energy Products

OptiSeal® and OptiVee®

Our clients rely on superior sealing capabilities for their critical service sealing needs. From downhole pumps to subsurface safety valves, the OptiSeal® system offered by CDI Energy Products is designed to provide high-performance, low-friction...

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Sales Drawing

Critical Service Seals and Sealing Solutions

When sourcing polymeric products, machined exotic metal alloys, or full service kitting and assembly, service companies rely on seals and sealing solutions designed to withstand the...

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Custom Engineered Seal Designs

Custom Engineered Designs

Our knowledge of sealing goes beyond just the design. By understanding your design parameters, the product application, and the environment it goes into, we engineer a sealing system that specifically meets your requirements. Our experts stay on the...

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P-Style Seal


We manufacture a variety of both our own P-Seals designs and proprietary customer designs. The standard P-Seal is a one-piece molded seal utilizing molded-in anti-extrusion device. This design enhances assembly by eliminating the loose anti-extrusion...

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Our S-Seal is a technologically advanced replacement for traditional three piece T-Seals or O-Rings with back-ups. A metal garter spring is incorporated into a uniquely designed elastomeric seal element. This enables it to withstand large extrusion gaps...

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FS-Style Seal


Our FS-Seal is a replacement for S-Seals in applications with large extrusion gaps or where equipment diameters may be inconsistent. The FS-Seal incorporates metal garter springs with a uniquely designed elastomeric seal element. This design is capable...

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