Improving Well Completion Tooling Performance

High pressure / high temperature (HPHT) well completions onshore or in the challenging depths of deepwater or ultra-deepwater demand tools with internal components that reduce risk, expedite the completion process, and maximize production. Drilling and completing a well in 3,000 to 10,000 foot of water, whether in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, or offshore South America is no easy task. These depths require higher flow rates that will not damage the wellbore; but the result is increased wellhead temperatures, which stretches the capabilities of many sealing elements.

Well Completions Require a Wide Range of Sealing Solutions

Much of the tooling required for well completions require elastomeric sealing components that can withstand a wide variety of harsh conditions, including:

  • High pressure and high temperature (HPHT)
  • Highly corrosive chemical environments such as hydrochloric acid used in acidizing procedures
  • High pressure and high speed flows found in hydraulic fracturing
  • Exposure to completion fluids such as oil-based mud, high pH fluids, and amine base inhibitors
  • Particularly in gas wells, when production stops because of heavy brine completion fluids in the wellbore, nitrogen must be pumped at high pressure, introducing yet another sealing challenge.

Regardless of the well completion method or service, our materials and applications engineers specialize in developing sealing solutions, bearings, and other components for the extremes of oil and gas well completions. By working with you in the R&D stage, we are able to provide long-term value through improved equipment performance, greater efficiencies, and lower operating costs.

Advanced Polymeric Materials for Well Completion Applications

With 40 years of materials engineering experience and a continuous investment in material development, we are able to develop materials that will meet or exceed your well completion service requirements. CDI has one of the broadest offerings of ISO / NORSOK approved materials for chemical resistant plastics and elastomers that withstand rapid gas decompression (RGD) and explosive decompression (ED).  

Some material development, custom compounding, and testing can be performed in-house, in order to maintain superior control over the properties and performance of our materials. CDI also has on-site testing capabilities in order to eliminate performance problems before costly tooling is developed. 

Engineered Solutions for Well Completion Applications

CDI seals, bearings, and connectors can be found in many well completion tools, systems, and equipment, including:

  • Tubing hangers
  • Casing hangers
  • Chemical injection systems
  • Sub surface safety valves
  • Gas lift systems
  • Artificial lift systems (ALS)
  • Linger hanger systems

Tuff Breed® (WSP)

Your most demanding jobs are our proving ground. Tuff Breed® well service packing is backed by over 35 years of engineering and the fastest delivery time in the industry. But Tuff Breed service doesn’t stop there. Our seasoned team of experts...

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FS-Style Seal


Our FS-Seal is a replacement for S-Seals in applications with large extrusion gaps or where equipment diameters may be inconsistent. The FS-Seal incorporates metal garter springs with a uniquely designed elastomeric seal element. This design is capable...

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Bonded Seals

CDI manufactures a complete size-range of rubber-to-metal bonded seals for use in work-over and sand control operations. We use an exclusive two-phase manufacturing process to produce highly-reliable bonded seals capable of controlling either...

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Large Diameter Seals and Sealing Solutions Offered by CDI Energy Products

Large Diameter Seals and Sealing Solutions

In addition to our extensive offering of spring-energized seals, bonded seals, and composite seals, CDI is a manufacturer of high-performance, large diameter, polymeric sealing solutions. Our products serve all upstream oil and gas...

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Custom Engineered Seal Designs

Custom Engineered Designs

Our knowledge of sealing goes beyond just the design. By understanding your design parameters, the product application, and the environment it goes into, we engineer a sealing system that specifically meets your requirements. Our experts stay on the...

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Custom Engineered Pump Components

Pump Components

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