Sealing Solutions for Services in the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas Service Companies Rely on CDI Seals and Components

With the cost of reservoir development rising, producers require that service companies develop equipment and tools that will perform reliably and reduce downtime, despite pushing the limits of conventional operating parameters. The internal components, such as seals, bearings, and electrical connectors are no exception to the stringent performance requirements.

Seals and Sealing Solutions that Meet and Exceed Performance Requirements

Of all internal components, seals are one of the most prone to failure in the extreme conditions of upstream oil and gas service. Replacing seals and other internal components reduces productivity, and depending on where the well is located, can shut down production completely. For tooling and equipment to survive the demands of increasingly hostile operating conditions, they require seals that can withstand:

  • High pressure / high temperature (HPHT)
  • Rapid gas decompression (RGD)
  • Explosive decompression (ED)
  • Highly abrasive and corrosive environments

CDI designs and manufactures RGD and ED resistant, high pressure / high temperature (HPHT) seals, bearings, and connectors that optimize your tool’s performance and ensure longer operating life.  For over 40 years, service companies across the globe have relied on CDI to offer guidance in NORSOK approved polymeric material selection, including development of custom compounds; advanced application engineering; and repeatable processing technologies.

Comprehensive Energy Solutions From CDI

CDI seals, bearings, and components can be found throughout the entire upstream oil and gas services value chain, including:

  • Well construction– linger hangers, pumping systems, rig equipment, cementing heads, bits, drilling motors
  • Pressure control– wellheads, trees, blowout preventers (BOP)
  • Logging and measurement– MWD, LWD, open and cased-hole logging
  • Stimulation and completion– packers, bridge plugs, pressure pumping (including hydraulic fracturing)
  • Downhole tools– completion systems, cased-hole logging systems, wireline tools
  • Production optimization– enhanced oil recovery, artificial life, measurement, monitoring
  • Wellhead– surface and subsea systems

To optimize performance, CDI also offers on-site testing of FEA and mold flow analysis so that problems are detected prior to the construction of costly tooling. Simulation capabilities such as plastic flow, product design, and finite element analysis are also available.

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