Drilling and Exploration

Offshore Rig

While well conditions are growing increasingly hostile, tool manufacturers are pushing the limits of current technology. To survive, products must be reliable - requiring repeatable manufacturing and advanced engineering. Our processes ensure that products are manufactured from superior materials and are specifically designed for each application.

CDI manufactures components that go into a variety of systems including:

  • Seismic—Connectors, geophones, streamers
  • Well construction—Liner hangers, pumping systems, rig equipment, cementing heads, bits, drilling motors
  • Pressure control—Wellheads, trees, and blowout preventers
  • Logging and measurement—MWD, LWD, open and cased-hole logging

Case study

Wellhead seal versatility

Wellhead and manifold seals must function effectively at high and low pressures. To achieve that versatility at 2,000 to 20,000-psi working pressure and -75°F to 350°F, the manufacturer brought the problem to CDI. We teamed with their engineers to design an energized PEEK seal to improve challenging low-pressure performance while still providing a full range of service. The energized, non-elastomeric lip seal fits between the seat and the body to ensure sealing at low pressure and prevent particulate infiltration that can cause galling in the body cavity. Less galling and an improved seal service range contributed to longer overall wellhead life and less downtime.

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