Completions and Production

To make the most of their assets, operators require advanced tools and technology. With development costs rising, reducing downtime is critical: replacing parts reduces productivity and can even shut down production completely.

We provide products that optimize your tool’s performance and ensure longer operating life. Our reliable, high-quality products provide solutions for a variety of systems including:

  • Stimulation and completion—Packers, bridge plugs, pressure pumping (including hydraulic fracturing)
  • Downhole tools—Completion systems, cased-hole logging systems, wireline tools
  • Production optimization—Enhanced oil recovery, artificial lift, measurement and monitoring
  • Intervention—Coiled tubing systems, workover equipment
  • Wellhead – Surface and subsea systems

Case Study

Seals for downhole extremes

Downhole tools are subjected to increasingly hostile wellbore environments. To address seal failures and provide better performance in high-pressure, high-temperature applications, a major tool manufacturer collaborated with CDI to develop a new seal. We fast-tracked six sample parts that were subjected to rigorous testing by the tool company. The new design has eliminated leaking, more than doubled seal life, and significantly increased tool demand.

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