Engineered Seals and Sealing Solutions for Demanding Oil and Gas Environments

What Can Cause Seals and Sealing Elements to Fail?

Sealing elements are one of the most susceptible components to failure in the extreme conditions encountered in the upstream oil and gas industry. As drilling depths increase, pressure and temperature extremes become critical factors in ensuring seals and sealing elements perform as intended. If materials are chosen improperly, bottomhole temperatures (BHT) escalating to 400°F can pose an immediate threat to the integrity of seal materials, making the application susceptible to failure. Aggressive chemical environments such as hydrogen sulfide, paraffin inhibitors, acids and bromides accelerate corrosion of critical components. High levels of CO2, methane, or other compressible fluids create rapid gas decompression (RGD), one of the leading causes of seal failure.  

Expertise and Experience in Providing Engineered Seals and Sealing Solutions

With over 40 years of experience working with leading operators and service companies in the  upstream oil and gas industry, CDI is routinely called upon  to design and manufacture seals, bearings, and connectors throughout the energy supply chain that can withstand and perform reliably in:

  • High pressure / high temperature (HPHT)
  • Low temperatures
  • Explosive decompression (ED)
  • Aggressive chemicals, including salt and fresh water, ambient air oxygen and/or ozone
  • Abrasives

Surface and Topside

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Producers are continually pushing the limits as they design tooling in search of oil and gas at depths once thought inaccessible, and in areas where unconventional conditions and geology dictate unconventional recovery methods. Whether on land or...

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Whether in shallow, deepwater, or ultradeep water, keeping product flowing from oil and gas wells requires state-of-the-art technology and specialized tooling with resilient internal components. The equipment must be reliable enough...

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