Tuff Conditions Demand Tuff Solutions

Tuff Breed WSP Sand Dog Tuff Breed® well service packing products are available in a variety of materials to meet your specific requirements. 

Well Service Packing (WSP) Products

(All WSP products come in complete sets and replacement sets.)

General Service 449 — NBR on Polyester/cotton fabric 
Used in a variety of fracturing and cementing applications

High-Pressure WSP01 — High-performance modified PTFE
Used where high pressures, chemical fracs, and C02 exist

Extreme Service WSP3 — NBR on a proprietary aramid fabric
Used where extreme service performance in high pressures and where abrasive proppants are required 

Header Ring Material 

886 Lubricated HNBR — extended-life elastomer with internal lubrication

CHR Composite HNBR — designed for durability in CO2  applications 909LF

Low Friction FKM — engineered for use harsh chemical fracs

Wiper Ring Material

80485 — Proprietary HNBR double lip wiper design with added resilience and enhanced sealability. 

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