Tuff Breed® Well Service Packing

Tuff Breed® Well Service Packing

Your most demanding jobs are our proving ground.

Tuff Breed® well service packing is backed by over 35 years of engineering and the fastest delivery time in the industry. But Tuff Breed service doesn’t stop there. Our seasoned team of experts is available to train at your location.

Whatever abrasive, high-pressure, high-volume operation you have planned for your wellbore, we have you covered.

When it comes to your well service packing, our Tuff Breed® well service products enhance pumping performance on multiple fronts:


The shortest lead times in the industry.

We make reliable, fast delivery a priority. With the shortest lead times in the industry, we ensure that your job proceeds smoothly, efficiently and on schedule.

Expertise & Reliability

Engineered solutions.

With more than 35 years in the sealing business, our technical oilfield experts bring the most advanced materials, technologies and manufacturing processes knowledge and skill to you, in the office and in the field. We understand your objectives and can help you quickly implement the best solutions. Our objective is zero product-related downtime in the most extreme pressure pumping applications worldwide.


Sustained Support.

As an alternative to offsite instruction, we are available to come to your facility and provide hands on training for our Tuff Breed products. Throughout the United States, our team of installation specialists is available to educate your field personnel on the proper installation and replacement of Tuff Breed® well service packing. 

With the direct supervision and guidance of CDI Energy Products' staff, we offer a training program that provides personnel the techniques to extend the life of your well service packing and provide you the best cost-performance value. To request your training, please click here or contact a sales representative at 281-446-6662.

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