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High-Performance Metals and Alloys

Metal Inspection

Transforming Metals into Engineered Sealing Solutions

In addition to working with a range of high-performance plastics, elastomers, and composite materials to develop seals and sealing solutions for performance-critical applications, CDI Energy Products is also a supplier of precision-machined ancillary metal components.

From seal carriers, to sliding sleeves, and metal-to-rubber bonded seals, we have a team of high-skilled machinists that are able to transform raw metal materials into precision components for a range of applications and equipment.

We have extensive experience in transforming and manufacturing metal materials into a range of products, including:

• Sliding Valve Sleeves
• Pack-Off Assemblies
• Metal-End-Caps
• Metal-to-Metal Seals
• Seal Carriers

Four decades of experience providing solutions for the most difficult oil and gas challenges brings to market leading-edge engineering and design expertise combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing and precision metal machining processes. As per your specifications, are machinists and process engineers are available to manufacture from a range of metal materials, which include:


Common Metal Materials Machined by CDI Energy Products


Carbon Steels

  • S355J2
  • EN8
  • S690Q

Low Alloy

  • 4130
  • 4140
  • 4145
  • 8630

Aluminum Bronze

  • C63000
  • C958000

Stainless Steel

  • 304
  • 316
  • 410
  • 17/4PH
  • Duplex
  • Super Duplex
  •  Inconel: 625, 718, 725, 825
  Other Metals
  •  Titanium 


  • NORSOK 501
  • PTFE Xylan
  • Molybdenum Disulfide(MoS2)
  • Silver and Zinc Plating
  • Three coat Epoxy for
  • Seawater Immersion(C-157)
  • System 7

Bonded Seals

CDI manufactures a complete size-range of rubber-to-metal bonded seals for use in work-over and sand control operations. We use an exclusive two-phase manufacturing process to produce highly-reliable bonded seals capable of controlling either...

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We are highly experienced in a broad scope of advanced machining techniques in a variety of materials – from elastomers to advanced fluoropolymers and thermoplastics. 

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Custom Designed and Manufactured Bearings and Bushings

Bushings and Bearings

CDI designs and manufactures a wide variety of wear products for different industries. Using our material-design expertise and manufacturing capabilities, we work with our customers to solve their most challenging issues in wear products such as: Our...

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