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Research and Development

Research and Development Engineers discussing seal designs

Technical expertise driving innovation

CDI customized products and solutions are based on the integration of materials, design, and engineering expertise. This expertise is backed by extensive research, testing, and manufacturing capabilities.

Our multidisciplinary project team provides you with a versatile resource for developing unique solutions. When we’re engaged at the concept stage, our teams seek first to understand the full scope of your application and your objectives. From there, we partner with you to ensure your objectives are met - on time and on budget.

We leverage nearly four decades of proven design experience in the energy industry to develop components such as:

  • SigmaSeal® sealing systems
  • Patented packer elements
  • Tuff Breed® well service packing
  • Patented Sintermesh® composite
  • Patented non-adjustable packing

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Engineers discussing design capabilities

Design Capabilities

We are industry leaders in difficult-to-manufacture products for specialized applications, making us key partners in the development of innovative components and custom solutions. CDI experts collaborate with our clients to understand the problem,...

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Materials expertise is what sets us apart. 

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SigmaSeal® Sealing System

SigmaSeal® System

SigmaSeal® was designed as a self-energizing seal that eliminates the need for adjustable glands or live loading. The unique design of the seal separates the media from the enclosed end of the seal jacket protecting the expander from any corrosive...

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Tuff Breed® (WSP)

Your most demanding jobs are our proving ground. Tuff Breed® well service packing is backed by over 35 years of engineering and the fastest delivery time in the industry. But Tuff Breed service doesn’t stop there. Our seasoned team of experts...

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