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Design Capabilities

Engineers discussing design capabilities

We are industry leaders in difficult-to-manufacture products for specialized applications, making us key partners in the development of innovative components and custom solutions. CDI experts collaborate with our clients to understand the problem, explore options, and produce the best solution.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing process and materials require excellence in engineering.

Our design expertise combined with CAD and CAM, as well as rheological modeling and FEA structural analysis create solutions that yield true value.

Case History

Wellhead Seal Versatility

Wellhead and manifold seals must function effectively at high and low pressures. To achieve that versatility at 2,000 to 20,000-psi working pressure and -75°F  to 350°F, the  manufacturer brought the problem to CDI. We teamed with their engineers to design an energized PEEK seal to improve challenging low-pressure performance while still providing a full range of service. The energized, non-elastomeric lip seal fits between the seat and the body to ensure sealing at low pressure and prevent particulate infiltration that can cause galling in the body cavity. Less galling and an improved seal service range contributed to longer overall wellhead life and less downtime.

Complementary Services

Analytical Testing

Testing Capabilities

Analytical testing performed by our laboratory includes: chemical composition, tribological, rheological, mechanical, and thermal. When required, we also design product test stands.

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Developing Advanced Materials

Material Design

Continuous investment in material development ensures implementation of the latest achievements and technical progress in material science. Our facilities are instrumental in developing specialized proprietary formulations. Our solutions begin with...

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