Custom Engineering

Research to design to analysis and testing: a powerful resource for success

We are industry leaders in custom manufactured products and strategic partners in the development of innovative components and specialized solutions. Our team of experts is skilled at collaborating with clients to research options and produce the optimal solution. By utilizing a full range of polymer materials—including our own formulations—and the industry’s most advanced manufacturing capabilities, we create solutions that yield true value.

Every new custom project begins with multidiscipline experts and a robust product laboratory and testing facility near Houston, Texas. Located on the same campus as our US manufacturing center to foster a fully cross-discipline culture, our design and engineering is a powerful resource for success.

  • Material Development Experts Address Specific Needs
  • Patented Technology Addressing Unique Environments
  • Advanced Analysis to Ensure Product Success

Learn About Our Custom Engineering Services

Engineers discussing design capabilities

Design Capabilities

We are industry leaders in difficult-to-manufacture products for specialized applications, making us key partners in the development of innovative components and custom solutions. CDI experts collaborate with our clients to understand the problem,...

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Research and Development Engineers discussing seal designs

Research & Development

CDI customized products and solutions are based on the integration of materials, design, and engineering expertise. This expertise is backed by extensive research, testing, and manufacturing capabilities. Our multidisciplinary project team provides you...

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Developing Advanced Materials

Material Design

Continuous investment in material development ensures implementation of the latest achievements and technical progress in material science. Our facilities are instrumental in developing specialized proprietary formulations. Our solutions begin with...

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Analytical Testing

Testing Capabilities

Analytical testing performed by our laboratory includes: chemical composition, tribological, rheological, mechanical, and thermal. When required, we also design product test stands.

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